Come Visit my GoggleWorks Studio

GoggleWorks Center for the Arts Studio 307
201 Washington St., Reading PA 19601


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Past Exhibits

2019  15th annual Art of Jazz ,Reading, Pa.

2018  Contemporary Art Gallery, Chautauqua,New York

2018  14th annual Art of Jazz,Reading ,Pa.

2017  13th Annual Goggleworks Exhibition, Reading, Pa.

2017  13th Annual Art of Jazz,Reading ,Pa.

2017   Agriculture , Studio B ,Boyertown ,Pa.

2016   Notions II ,Clay on Main, Oley, Pa

2016   Stole and Notions ,Alvernia College ,Reading , Pa.

2016   GoggleWorks Artist 12th  Annual Exhibition,Reading ,Pa

2016   Berks Art Alliance , Reading Pa.

2015   GoggleWorks Artist 11th Annual Exhibition, Reading ,Pa.

2015    The Art of Film,Gaps Gallery,Reading,Pa.

2015   Telling Stories 10th Annual, Goggleworks, Reading Pa.

2015   Down To EARTH,Studio B, Boyertown  ,Pa.

2015   Art of Jazz, GoggleWorks,Reading,Pa.

2015   Notion"s, GoggleWorks  ,Reading Pa.

2015   Modern Farm Art ,Studio B ,Boyertown, Pa.

2014   On Scene,GoggleWorks,Reading,Pa.

2014    Art of Jazz, Reading ,Pa.

2013    Centered, Goggleworks 9th Annual, Reading, PA.

2013    Art of Jazz, Reading ,PA

2012    Vanity Fare, Reading ,PA

2012    Roy G Biv, Studio B ,Boyertown,PA

2012    From Within, GoggleWorks, Reading,PA

2012    Small Works, GoggleWorks, Reading,PA

2011    Inside Outside, GoggleWorks, Reading,PA

2010    Berks  Art Alliance 33 annual, GoggleWorks, Reading,PA

2010    GoggleWorks 6th Annual Artist Exhibition, Reading,PA

2010    Shoes,Yocum Institute, Wyomissing,PA

2009    Small Works, Woodman Studios, Silver Spring, MD

2009    Washington Sculptors Group, Washington, DC

2008    Rythmic Notions, Woodman Studios, Silver Spring, MD

2008    Le Cadavre Esquis, Heliport Gallery,Silver Spring, MD

2007    Italy-past and Present, Heilport Gallery,Silver Spring MD

2006    Telling Your Stories, Heilport Gallery, Silver Spring MD